Mist Collectors

Employing the use of a mist extraction system in tandem with regular CNC machining equipment operations can aid in preventing risks that you may not easily identify with the naked eye. Luckily, Aeroex Technologies engineered mist collection systems are built with the unique needs of CNC equipment processes in mind. Our mist collectors effectively remove mist from the workplace environment to ensure your machine operators and facility equipment are not exposed to health and operational risks down the line. 

In this blog we uncover the mist extraction needs unique to CNC machining and how Aeroex Technologies’ offers a reliable and efficient mist collection system tailor-made to meet these needs. 

The Important Role of CNC Machining Processes for Manufacturing 

CNC machining equipment plays a fundamental role in manufacturing for their ability to produce accurate and specific parts by turning raw materials into final products. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, which represents two standard methods (3D printing technology and FDM) to build prototypes all from a computer software file. CNC machining has been used to manufacture a range of materials including wood, metals, and plastics.

Unfortunately, a common byproduct of CNC machining is chip formation. Chip formation occurs when the machine tool makes contact with the edge of the material that is being worked on. Common with CNC machining processes such as milling, grinding, honing, and turning – chip formation is imminent. Chip formation can detriment the production process leading to shortened tool life, stoppages, lack-luster surface finishes, and can increase the likelihood of safety hazards from occurring. 

Many CNC machine operations will employ the use of a high-pressure coolant to deal with chip formation control. High-pressure coolants offer a myriad of benefits when it comes to controlling chip formation, but an unfortunate byproduct is that it leads to the dispersion of coolant mist into the air which can lead to slick work environments, and post significant health risks to facility personnel as well as to other equipment in your facility. 

It is for this reason that effectively controlling the dispersion of coolant mist is regulated by OSHA, NIOSH, ACHGI, and Health Canada. All of these governing bodies dictate legislation to limit exposure to harmful workplace pollutants like oil and coolant mist. 

Health Risks Associated with Coolant Mist Exposure 

Exposure to coolant mist and toxic fumes include irritation of the eyes, skin, mouth, and throat, and can lead to other symptoms like headache, shortness of breath, fever, rapid heart rate and vomiting. Persistent and unchecked long-term exposure to oil and coolant mist can increase the likelihood of developing more serious respiratory and skin diseases including cancer.

Despite the growing trend toward the regular use of high-pressure coolant for CNC machining applications, there has been a gap for a solution that effectively filters through the airborne particulate that high-pressure coolants disperse into the working environment. 

Aeroex Technologies’ Mist Extraction for CNC Machining Solution

Because CNC machining utilizes 3D printing technology, the team of experts at Aeroex Technologies have conducted extensive research to inform engineering efforts when it comes to addressing the types of mist and fumes emitted by 3D printing. Paying special attention to factors like composition and quantity, the Aeroex team understood the importance that source capture extraction systems play in the more modular processes in which 3D printing emits mist and fumes. 

Source capture filtration effectively and efficiently mitigates dispersion of harmful mists and fumes from being emitted into the working environment, as it is captured at the source. Ambient filtration in contrast, collects unwanted airborne particulates that have not been filtered immediately via source capture filtration. Depending on your facility needs, employing the use of both ambient and source capture filtration might be the best solution for you. We recommend reaching out to learn more about how Aeroex Technologies can propose a mist collection system that meets your unique facility needs. 

How the Mist-Fit Meets the Unique Filtration Needs for CNC Machining Processes

Aeroex’s line of Mist-Fit mist collection systems have been engineered to mitigate risk of oil and coolant mist exposure for CNC machining applications. Benefits of selecting the Mist-Fit for your facility include:

  • Multiple stage filtration to ensure high efficiency and avoid plugging from occurring 
  • Less maintenance and more cost effective due to longer filter life
  • Option to select a 4th-stage HEPA filter to capture extra fine mist particulates 
  • Compact, modular design and multiple direct mounting options make the Mist-Fit highly adaptive and easy to install
  • Canadian-based and engineered to yield high-quality results and service

Aeroex Technologies’ team of engineers are able to assess your shop’s needs to offer a high-quality mist collection solution that is economical, highly efficient, and made with CNC machining equipment in mind. Our dedication to offering high-quality mist collector products is matched by our commitment to customer service. 

If you’re looking for a mist extraction solution for your facility, consider the Mist-Fit line of mist collectors and request a quote today!