Our mission is to offer cutting-edge technology for emission control to the metalworking industry, as well to other industries and applications that generate fugitive mists. Aeroex is committed to maintaining workplace safety through high-quality demister and oil mist filter units. Whether you’re looking for a large scale demister or a smaller oil mist filter, we have you covered. Our technologies are among the most advanced in the industry, and serve the purpose of providing safer, more efficient spaces for employees and businesses.

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Aeroex oil mist filters are designed to overcome many of the shortfalls of other technologies and designs. We have developed unique high-efficiency separation elements with long life cycles. Trust Aeroex to design the demister or oil mist filter best suited for your facility. We take the constraints of your factory or facility into consideration when we provide you with the best fit for you. Our demister units are well known in the industry for their many unique features including:

The Best Separation Technology

  • Multi-Stage progressive separation
  • Separate majority of fluid without filters
  • Quickly drain fluid to reduce evaporation & odors
  • Remove mist, smoke and bacteria
  • Cleaned air must approach zero emissions, < 0.050 mg/m3
  • Top quality oil mist eliminator design
  • Low maintenance
  • Low life cycle cost
Aeroex ARO-400

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked questions all the time. Sometimes it’s related to air quality or other times it’s sizing requirements. Whatever your questions, contact us and we can help answer them for you!

Is it better to oversize the mist collector?
Bigger is not always better. Too high suction can draw coolant & swarf that would normally fall down.
Are Aeroex mist collectors suitable for oil smoke?
Yes. The primary fiber bed filter and 99.9% HEPA filter will remove the smoke.
Are Aeroex mist collectors suitable for high pressure coolant & oil?

Yes. The first 2 stages are very effective at separating high quantities of mist and draining.

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