Industrial Mist Collector


The design of our industrial mist collector minimizes the reliance on replaceable filters and provides exceptional fluid drainage.

The ARO is suitable for high mist applications, exceptional air quality, low maintenance, and low life-cycle cost.



Mist eliminators that will contribute to the bottom line… After all, an unclean plant is an
expensive plant, to the company & employees. Contaminated air causes health problems, absenteeism,
increased equipment & facility maintenance, all translate to production and profit losses.

Mist eliminators that exceed plant air quality by broad margins… Don’t be mislead
by efficiency claims, it is easy to be 99% efficient by removing large droplets, yet exhaust air remains above
today’s air quality demands. Exhaust mist measurement is what matters.

The 1st Stage:

The innovative 1st stage ‘ME’ Mechanical Element separates up to 90%
of the oil mist and swarf. The smooth metal surfaces quickly drains fluid
back to the sump.

The 2nd stage:

The agglomerator filter is a unique depth oil mist filter, layers of stainless steel wire mesh weaved with oil attracting fibres. It is high efficiency as the air travels through a bed of coarse and fine fibres at low velocity. Channels between each layer provide exceptional fluid drainage of the oil mist separator. The media is very durable, lasting 10 – 15 years on most oil mist separator applications. Can be power washed.

The 3rd stage:

Fibre bed filters have a high surface area, the technology used today by premium mist collectors. High efficiency, excellent drainage, long life. Coolant or oil filters has a typical life of 1 -3 years.

The 4th stage:

HEPA filter captures sub-micron mist smoke, and bacteria. HEPA filters rated at 95% @ 0.3 microns are standard for coolant applications, while the HEPA filters rated at 99.97% @ 0.3 microns are standard for oil applications. Our HEPA filters are made exclusively for oil mist with heavy duty micro-glass media in the oil mist separator. No competitor product holds as much oil or lasts as long. The typical life of our oil mist separator is 2 – 4 years.


Meet the ARO Premium Mist Collectors, designed to provide you with exceptionally long filter life and contaminant-free air, all while minimizing operation and maintenance costs. The ARO specializes in oil mist collection, and smoke elimination, making it the perfect addition to keep your workplace safe for staff and your facility’s equipment free of exposure to the harmful effects associated with oil mist and smoke. Whether your industry deals in metalworking, commercial food production, machining operations, or any other industry where oil mist and smoke may be generated, the ARO will exceed regulatory needs and your expectations.

Aeroex’s ARO Premium Mist Collectors offer superior performance without compromise on air quality delivery. The following are some of the advantages of the ARO:

  • Powerful airflow capacity – The ARO packs a punch, with models capable of tackling demanding applications effectively in the range of 350 cfm to as high as 4000 cfm. Oftentimes, the larger units can easily handle multiple machining stations simultaneously.
  • Progressive multi-stage filtration – up to 5 filtration stages depending on the machine’s use of oil or coolant, including a HEPA filter. The innovative multi-stage filtration process is highly effective at capturing 95% of the particles within the Mechanical Element before they even reach the fibre bed filter, resulting in longer-lasting filters and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Robust and resilient – ARO Premium Mist Collectors can operate in harsh conditions as high as 70°C / 160°F, with mediums ranging from pH 5.8 to pH 12. If your facility or machining stations are required to perform in demanding conditions, your oil mist collector must be able to do the same.
  • Quiet performance –  ARO entry-level models operate at 69 dB(A), and range only as high as 74 dB(A) for our most powerful models, making it quieter than most vacuum cleaners. The ARO mist collectors are a great addition to any mechanical application with minimal disruption to the ambience.

Above and Beyond Mist Elimination

Occupational safety and the performance of your operation are foundational to the success of your business. Aeroex recognizes this and delivers oil mist collectors you can trust to keep you and your staff safe, guaranteeing oil mist collection in particles as small as 0.3 µm with up to 99.97% efficiency. Aeroex mist collectors’ performance exceeds regulatory requirements and industry best practices in North America, taking into account agencies like the OHSA and the NIOSH that recommend exposure limits of 0.5 mg/m³ and 0.4 mg/m³ respectively while regulating 5.0 mg/m³ as a minimum (an exposure limit widely recognized as problematic). While other products in the mist collector market may struggle to achieve levels of efficiency surpassing 99%, Aeroex’s ARO outperforms to eliminate harmful exposure to the smallest of mist and smoke particles.

How it Works – A Progressive Multi-Stage Process

Aeroex’s HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Absorbing) filters are made exclusively for oil mist, with heavy-duty micro-glass media in the oil mist separator. No other product in the market holds as much oil or lasts as long! The HEPA filter is the flagship feature of the ARO, but it is only one of four filtration stages utilized in every ARO model. While many competitors opt for a lower range of filtration stages to keep unit costs down, it proves to be economically inefficient in the long run as filter maintenance and replacements are much more frequent. Distinctively, ARO’s Progressive Multi-Stage Filtration Process aims to reduce maintenance costs and downtime without compromise on performance. 

ARO’s Progressive Multi-Stage oil mist collectors have a cross-flow design with four unique filtration stages:

  • The first stage is a mechanical element with a smooth and washable metal surface, immediately separating 90-95% of mist particles and solids that drain back into the sump. This filter is very durable and lasts upwards of 20 years. The immediate separation it provides allows the subsequent filters to target the smaller particles that matter most, without plugging prematurely.
  • The second stage is an agglomerator, a configuration of stainless steel wire mesh weaved with oil attracting fibres that cause the mist to concentrate into beads and easily drain into the sump utilizing the channels between each layer. This media is very durable, it can be washed and reused, generally leading a healthy life span of 10 to 15 years.  
  • The third stage is a depth loading fibre bed filter with a high surface area. This filter is just another way Aeroex Technologies Inc. distinguishes itself from the competition, who often use pleated face loading filters that are thin and clog easily. Aeroex uses a thick depth loading filter instead, keeping the risk of plugging low while increasing the amount of filtration that occurs. This filter requires minimal maintenance as the typical lifespan is a whopping 1-3 year term. 
  • The fourth and final stage in the ARO’s crossflow design is the industry-leading HEPA filter. As a standard, the ARO offers HEPA filtration with 95% efficiency @ 0.3 μm for coolant applications, while the HEPA filter rated at 99.97% @ 0.3 μm is standard for oil applications. The synergy provided by the first three stages enables the HEPA filter to perform in optimal conditions for up to 4 years before needing replacement.

Engineered to Compete With the Best While Costing You Less 

Aeroex products are made in Canada and are some of the longest-lasting and most efficient on the market when it comes to mist collection. As stated by the United States EPA, collection and/or filtration units such as the ARO Premium Mist Collectors require periodic cleaning and filter replacement to function properly. Recognizing this reality, Aeroex has designed a product that successfully extends the lifespan of its filters with no compromise on efficiency or functionality. The results are brilliant, the ARO is fully capable of tackling demanding applications for years before needing to spend a single dime on replacement filters. When it does come to maintenance and replacements, each of the four stages is designed to be removed and serviced with ease. Other key features offered by the ARO include:

  • Crossflow design and self-draining capacity that allows for 24/7 operation.
  • Can be configured to machines that utilize either coolant or oil depending on the application, offering flexible solutions for all your needs.
  • 7 unit size options ensure you find the optimal solution for your specific needs.
  • The surface area is designed to maximize the performance of filter media.
  • Easy access is secured with side latches.
  • Preventive maintenance is quick and simple, just clean the first 2 stages of filters.

If you’re ready to eliminate oil mist once and for all with a solution that keeps you safe, your facilities clean, and your maintenance costs low, consider deploying an ARO Premium Mist Collector. Request a free quote today!

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