Air Purification Blog

Fan filter units are a dual-purpose technology that simultaneously purifies the air in a room with state-of-the-art filtration and increases the airflow through the space in which it’s installed using a motorized fan. Fan filters bring many benefits for workplace health and safety, bring stringent quality to operations with a building, and offer significant value when compared to other technologies that deliver similar functions. Fan filters are commonly used in workplaces and facilities that require purified air and frequent cycling of rooms, such as clean rooms, specialty manufacturing, food, pharmaceuticals, and science labs.

What Does A Fan Filter Do?

Fan filter units purify and circulate air to improve workplace conditions, even creating clean rooms. First, one or more fan filter units are ceiling mounted and integrated with your existing mechanical and electrical systems (models like Aeroex’s Air Fit are lightweight and have a small footprint that makes this part easy). Once installed, the fan filter unit operates a motorized fan that circulates air through the filtration system to purify it by removing 99.99% of all contaminants.

To create clean room conditions, the smallest of airborne contaminants must be removed (smaller than one micron) from the air and circulated with positive pressure. Airborne contaminants could include dust, spores, smoke, vapors, viruses, bacteria, etc. To purify the air, the Aeroex Air Fit fan filter unit first screens out larger particles with a primary filter so they don’t get caught in the more intricate secondary filter. Next, the Air Fit uses a powerful high efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) to remove up to 99.99% of particles less than one micron in size. HEPA filters are the highest known standard for air filtration technology and work by forcing air through a randomly aligned mesh of incredibly fine synthetic fibers to catch any particles trying to travel through. By the time air leaves the filter, it is fully purified and ready to be circulated into your cleanroom or facility. As air is purified and released, the motorized fan is blowing air to create a higher flow.

Supply Purified Air

Aeroex fan filters offer significant benefits for those wishing to establish clean rooms and airflow regimes that meet ISO 14644 certification, or those who simply wish to get the full benefits of air purification and flow. Fan filter air purification can virtually remove common environmental risks such as the heightened prevalence of microbiological contagions. In other scenarios, clean rooms require the elimination of dust and other particulates that can interfere with intricate production processes (e.g. nanotechnology) or would introduce impurities in strictly regulated substances (e.g. pharmaceuticals). 

How to Choose A Fan Filter

Cleanroom technologies like Aeroex’s AIR FIT and ISO 14644 certification are generally understood as having many of the benefits listed above. Nevertheless, choosing a fan filter unit requires careful consideration. Air purification and removal of the smallest particles are foundational to ISO 14644 standards, making a purification system the logical starting point – in this area, Aeroex’s designed and made-in-Canada technology delivers by producing high-quality filters with a large volume of filter media.

After setting performance and specifications, you may not have considered the ongoing operations, configuration, and maintenance costs. Here, Aeroex has made specific research, design choices, and investments that will deliver value for your fan filter across its entire lifecycle. Consider the filter replacements – many competitor products create unexpected expenses due to frequent filter maintenance (e.g. clogging) and replacements. Aeroex lowers your costs in the medium-long term by using high volumes of filter media to extend the life of the filter until replacements. The volume and primary mechanical filter are also meant to prevent clogging. Our clients report filters performing past their 1 to 3 year expected service life. Competitor products may require a filter change as soon as every six months. The Air Fit also delivers stronger airflow despite being smaller than competitor products, thanks to Canadian engineering.  

Clean Room Installation

Most importantly, Aeroex has also designed the Air Fit to avoid costs specific to cleanroom configuration and airflow engineering. To provide a clean room, balancing, and certification from an airflow technician is required after design and deployment. Larger cleanrooms often have multiple fan filters, requiring each one to be individually inspected and balanced. This can become highly costly once technicians have to work at heights and provide individual attention (and billable hours!) to each fan filter. Luckily, the Aeroex Fan Fit comes with a central control panel that can configure and operate multiple units remotely – significantly streamlining the balancing process!

Supply Purified Air

Fan filter units are the best way to supply your clean rooms and facilities with purified air at sufficient flows, and Aeroex’s Air Fit is uniquely designed to provide the most value for air purification. Contact Aeroex today to learn how to get started.