Factory supplied mist collector not cleaning air!

TCR MACHINING LTD. located in Burlington, Ontario, is equipped with the latest equipment
and software, providing the flexibility and capability to offer customers a full range of services.
TCR’s main product is their StripMeister automatic wire stripping machines. A full range for
strippinghousehold to high voltage cables.

A new 5 axis milling machine was purchased with a factory installed mist collector.
With very demanding machining combined with high pressure coolant, an oil mist
haze could be seen throughout the 25,000 ft² plant.

The oil mist haze was totally unacceptable for owner Thomas Ruthmann. Thomas
had Aeroex mist collectors in his plant and is very pleased, thus quickly called Aeroex
for a solution. Aeroex’s local sales engineer always has a Mist-Fit in his vehicle.
After evaluation, a MF-550 with side mount was delivered from his vehicle, installed
and running within 1 hour. Problem solved!

The filters in the Mist-Fit were inspected after 8 months of heavy machining. The HEPA filter was still like new, clean and dry. The primary filters were doing an amazing job at eliminating the fine mist & protecting the HEPA filter. The condition of the fibre bed filter was excellent, expected life is 2 – 3 years.

Installation using Side Mount is simple and quick.
Cut 6” hole or square in cnc machine.
Drill bolt holes (9).
Fasten side mount to cnc machine.
Lift Mist-Fit onto side mount and fasten.
Connect to electrical power.