2nd Stage Demister Filter

2nd Stage Demister Filter for Oil Mist Collectors by Aeroex.

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Aeroex oil mist filters are made to overcome many of the shortfalls of other technologies.
We have developed high-efficiency separation elements, with long life cycles. Trust us to design the demister or oil mist filter that works best for your facility.
Our demister units are well known in the industry for their many unique features and long lasting life. Also, the Demister filter is easily accessible from the front of your machine and even easier to service. Just clean the filter by washing it out, making it good as new.

More of our high quality filter options are available on the filter page of the website.

Our goal is to provide customers with the cleanest air possible. As a result, we have been trained to assess our client’s needs and recommend the best solution to every unique situation.
Aeroex will guarantee customer’s air quality results with an air quality test. Having contaminated air can cause health problems, absenteeism, increased equipment & facility maintenance issues.
Therefore, we understand your priorities and provide you with recommendations for custom solutions in your facility.

With our extensive experience in the industry designing oil mist collectors, we will make sure to provide your company with the cleanest air.
Our mission is to provide every customer with 100% satisfaction with all our products and services.

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Additional information

Demister Filter 2nd Stage

ARO-400/600, ARO-1100/1400, ARO-2000/2500/4000, MF-350/550, MF-56-, MF-1050, MF-1950

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