Take a Bite Out of Bad Air Quality with Oil Mist Collection for Industrial Food Production

Industrial food production is Canada’s second-largest manufacturing sector, accounting for 17% of manufacturing sales in Canada and 2% of total GDP. Not only that, but according to the Government of Canada, food production is only going up, with the industry growing at a rate of approximately 6% per year. When industrial food production rises to the scale and scope of Canada’s, environmental and workplace safety can become limiting factors due to the demands and emissions associated with industrial food systems. Aeroex is a manufacturer of industrial air purifiers experienced with industrial food operations that is ready to deploy the solutions needed for any emissions or assembly line issue.

A Healthy Diet of Food Industry Applications at Aeroex

Air quality and emissions issues vary significantly across a food production industry that includes meat products, beverages, bakery, grain/seed milling, animal feed, produce preservation, specialty products, dairy, seafood, and sugars. In Aeroex’s experience, the requirements for air purification or oil mist collection are very industry-specific. Each type of food production has different emissions, both as a function of the machinery being used, the design of the facility, and the types of products being applied during food production.

To increase the challenge, environmental and health and safety regulations place constraints on production and raise the need for mitigation measures. Aeroex has worked with several industrial food producers to solve these challenges and is ready to customize a solution that meets your needs. We outfit our air purifiers with oil extractors and have several accessories that modify our machines to meet your needs.

Pizza, Pie, and Bagels? Yum! Oil Mist and Smoke? Yuck! To appreciate our understanding of the many industry-specific needs for air purification during food production, consider a couple of examples:
1. Pizza

Whether you like a classic cheese and pepperoni pizza, vegetarian, or Hawaiian, we all love the smell of pizza once it comes out of the oven. However, industrial pizza production comes with its challenges. For example, consider the example of Dr. Oetker (founded in 1893 and established in Canada in 1960), famous for the Ristorante Pizza. When producing pizza, olive oil is used. Suction cups used in the process bring the pizzas to another production line, but the activity caused olive oil mist to be disseminated within the area. To mitigate risk to quality, equipment, and health issues at play, oil mist collectors were installed by Aeroex to align with the challenging steps of production involving olive oil mist.

2. Bagels

Montreal bagels are famous for their sourdough recipe combined with malt, eggs and honey to provide a distinct flavour. Even today, Montreal Bagels are often produced by hand and in-shop. The wood-fired ovens used to cook the bagels are a trademark and a source of big flavour, but also contribute to big environmental and health issues. When wood is burned at conventional cooking temperatures, the smoke presents a large number of health concerns including benzene, formaldehyde, acrolein, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Inhalation causes respiratory problems and can be asthma triggering. Exposure can also lead to other occupational health issues include things like irritated eyes. Air purifiers like those produced by Aeroex are needed to keep the workplace (not to mention the community near an emissions source) safe and free of wood smoke so their bagels can be enjoyed in peace. Aeroex has proven experience with Fairmount Bagels that can attest to this.

3. Pies

Industrial food production for baked goods like pie often has challenges with oil mist on the production line, or for that matter any time those convenient tinfoil trays are in use. To give the customer the added convenience, most frozen or baked products have a “no stick” guarantee or feature. This means spraying the container with pressurized oil to line the baking sheet or crust tray. Oil mist issues here are common, as the oil applicator may not be perfectly directed at the target container. The concentration of the spray often means that fine oil spray mists get introduced into the broader environment of your production facility, causing unwanted health and safety issues or films forming on your equipment. Oil mist collectors are modular on the production line and will provide source control for oil mist, leaving you to rest easy and enjoy that perfect slice of pie.


Air Purifiers in Your Workplace Are a Recipe for Success

In the food production industry, there is little room for error, and the space for staff and equipment is often at a premium. Even if you recognize the need for air purification, solutions that don’t fit into your food production line won’t work. Aeroex’s affordable models are also small enough to fit right into your workplace, with our best sellers having a footprint of only 15” x 15” and weighing 65 pounds. There are portable and mounting options to choose from that can be deployed anywhere in your facility.

Aeroex often provides solutions for the restaurant industry that include oil and fume extraction in the kitchen or air purification in the dining room. Mounting options we offer like hoods are a great choice for industrial kitchen appliances. Food production takes place in many settings and institutions. For example, our medical-grade filtering options with the highest performing HEPA filters work very well in long-term care facilities. Whether you are an industrial food manufacturer, food preparation facility, or restaurant, Aeroex has an air purification solution that will hit the spot.

Made in Canada: The Aeroex Secret Ingredient

Aeroex is a proud supporter of the Canadian food manufacturing industry. Whether you are a meat producer in Alberta or Manitoba, a beverage producer in British Columbia, a grain mill in Saskatchewan, a seafood packager in Nova Scotia, or a bakery in Ontario, Aeroex believes you deserve industry-leading mist collector units at prices that don’t hurt your bottom line. Even more so, as a Canadian producer yourself you deserve a made in Canada solution. All our products are proudly assembled at our facility in Barrie – stop by and we can discuss the air purification needs in your food production facility!