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If you are #cncmachining you deserve a high quality #mistcollector and these are exactly that!
Best part? They are affordable and Made In Canada by the trusted team at Aeroex.
Our Mist-Fit Oil Mist Collectors have been very popular and are consistently proving that mist collection can be attainable without a big budget.

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Stay healthy, keeps workers happy and prolong the life of your very expensive machinery!
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Some Mist-Fit Information:

The innovative first stage Mechanical Element separates up to 90% of the oil mist and swarf.  The smooth metal surfaces quickly drains fluid back to the sump.

Our second stage Metal Separator element supports the 1st stage to ensure up to 95% of the mist and swarf are removed with washable filters.

Finally, the third stage Fibre Bed mist filter is depth loading that capture small mist particles.  With a filter rating of MERV 15, it can be used without a HEPA filter on most applications.  Typical life 1 – 3 years.

An optional fourth stage HEPA Filter captures sub-micron mist, smoke and bacteria.  Efficiency 95% @ 0.3 µm is standard, optional 99.9% @ 0.3 µm. Typical life 2 – 4 years

With our extensive experience in the industry designing oil mist collectors, we will make sure to provide your company with the cleanest air. Our mission is to provide every customer with 100% satisfaction with all our products and services.

– 20+ Years of Experience
-Offer leading edge technology in emission control
-Multi-Stage mist separation
-Clean air for your facility
-100% satisfaction provided to every customer

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