Oil Mist Collectors

High Quality Oil Mist Collectors by Aeroex Technologies Inc.

An industry leader in mist collectors for over 20 years!

Why Multi-Stage? Separation is done best in progressive stages. When compared to a 2-stage collector, the first filter efficiency must be high to protect the final filter. Therefore, potential of the first stage filter plugging is high. Alternatively, if the first filter efficiency is low, the final filter tends to plug.

Why Depth Loading Filters? The air travels through a depth or bed of filter media up to 1 inch thick. As a result, the risk of plugging is low, yet efficiency is high. In a pleated face loading filter, separation is on the surface of a very thin layer of filter media, resulting to the pores plugging very quickly in oil mist eliminators.

Why Cross Flow Design? An oil mist separator provides optimum separation and oil drainage. In up-flow, the oil must drip directly into the air flow and the filter below.

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