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We recently introduced our brand new product line of blow-off stations – the Aeroex Technologies BlowBox was engineered with the manufacturing industry in mind. 

End users can simply place a machined part into the blow-off station, and using their own compressed air gun, are able to safely and efficiently clean the part without having to worry about also spraying airborne oil or coolant mist around your facility. 

Reduce Oil Mist Exposure, Improve Efficiency and Save on Maintenance Costs with the Aeroex BlowBox

Aeroex’s BlowBox utilizes motorized propeller suction – meaning on-demand airflow and no spool time needed, allowing end-users to clean more parts more efficiently between uses. 

At 24”x24”, the BlowBox is available in both table-top and stand options. Inside the unit is a HEPA filter, rated at 95% efficiency at 0.3 microns to capture any fine mist particles – mitigating exposure to the rest of your facility. 

When it comes to maintenance, the BlowBox only utilizes one consumable air filter, with current estimated life of 2 years. The remaining two Demister elements are easy to remove and rinse off once in a while (this will depend on use).

Where Other Blow Off Cleaning Stations Come Short 

Current blow off cleaning stations available on the market are pneumatic. Pneumatic blow-off stations also take longer to function as they require spool time, increasing the overall start-up time. Typically, users will have to shoot the air gun up in the air to get the fan spooled to blow their machine parts off. This means that users will have to wait longer in between uses to clean machine parts.  

The Impact of Long-Term Oil and Coolant Mist Exposure 

Ineffective air filtration of oil and coolant mist can lead to long-term exposure to your workers and facility equipment. Workers exposed to oil mist through skin contact, breathing it in, or ingesting it may experience irritation of the eyes and skin, mouth, and throat. Fever, increased heart rate, headache, and vomiting can also occur. Years and decades of unhindered exposure can also lead to the development of skin and respiratory disease and even cancer. 

Long-term exposure to oil and coolant mist will also negatively impact your shop equipment as it sticks and coats your machines. Besides increasing the likelihood of a slip and fall injury from occurring, this can result in the deterioration of your shop equipment over time, increased maintenance costs, and machine failure if not dealt with properly. 

If you’re interested in minimizing exposure to oil and coolant mist in your facility and reducing maintenance costs, consider Aeroex’s BlowBox blow-off cleaning station. Get in touch with an Aeroex representative today to learn more about this product line.