The Importance of AEROEX Mist Collectors

5 things that you might not have known.

In the world of machining, grinding or cutting – the air you and your employees breathe in daily can be compromised. It should come as no surprise that coolant, oil, smoke or fine metal dust can cause major issues.

Mist collectors remove these contaminants from the air, providing your factory with cleaner air, which can provide numerous benefits for your employees and equipment.

Improves Health and Safety

Air contaminants affect the lungs of anyone who breathes it in. With an AEROEX Mist Collector, the contaminants are removed from the air, cleaning the air and improving the safety of everyone.

Increased Productivity

Dirt, oil and debris collecting on equipment can make its way inside, interfering with the mechanics. This can lead to slower machines and broken equipment that needs more attention and repairs. AEROEX Mist Collectors minimize this risk, allowing your machinery to work at optimal performance.

Better Product Quality

When contaminants collect, chemicals and gas may start to seep into your products. This can give off an odor, which negatively affects the finished products. AEROEX Mist Collectors significantly reduce the contaminants in the air, improving quality and increasing customer satisfaction.

Meeting Compliance Regulations

You already know about the numerous laws and regulations in place for workplace safety. Poor air quality can cost you heavily, not just in fines, but by harming your employees and creating potential hazards that can destroy your factory. AEROEX Mist Collectors help you comply with government regulations, keeping your employees and products safe.

Happier Employees

Bad air quality will cause your employees to suffer and look for employment elsewhere. Higher employee turnover can cost you big. Keeping the air clean and healthy improves the morale of your employees, allowing you to retain great, happy people in the workplace.

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