Company Profile

Cutting-edge technology in emission control for over 20 years.

About The Company

Aeroex products and services are largely developed for the metalworking industry, but also other industries and applications that generate fugitive mists requiring high-efficiency oil mist collectors. The company facility operates in Barrie, ON, Canada, and our technology and innovation is based on German engineering.

When Aeroex was first established, we provided services based around oil; coolant to oil cleaning, industrial wastewater treatment, and air cleaning. Over time, the company found a large focus on air filtration, which is now our only specialty. We dedicate our business to oil mist collectors, these innovative machines separate 90 – 95% of mist without replaceable filters. Efficiency and filtration effectiveness is our biggest priority, and we make sure that all your needs are fulfilled.

Our Mission:

Our goal is to provide our customers with absolutely clean air. We are trained to assess our client’s needs and recommend the best solution to every unique situation. Aeroex guarantee customer’s air quality results with an air quality test. Contaminated air can cause health problems, absenteeism, increased equipment & facility maintenance issues, and consequently production and profit losses. We understand your priorities and provide you with recommendations for custom solutions for cleaner air in your facility.


With our extensive experience in the industry designing oil mist collectors, we will make sure to provide your company with the cleanest air. Our mission is to provide every customer with 100% satisfaction with all of our products and services.

  • 20+ years of experience
  • Offer leading edge technology in emission control
  • Multi-Stage mist separation
  • Test air quality
  • Cleaner air for your facility
  • 100% satisfaction provided to every customer