Case Study

Case Study: Laker Energy LTD

Precision Machining Company in the Nuclear Parts Industry Uses Aeroex Oil Mist Collector for 15 YEARS WITH NO MAINTENANCE.

Laker Energy LTD was one of Aeroex’s first clients dating back to 2007 and after 15 years their original oil and coolant mist collector is still performing as strongly as the day they bought it. 

Laker Energy is a Canadian success story – founded more than 20 years ago, its 140 employees produce components for CANDU® nuclear power utilities around the globe using precision machining techniques. Laker Energy started their business supplying nuclear grade pipe, tubing, fittings, fasteners that hold up under pressurized operating conditions. To supply the nuclear industry, they are a CSA N285.0 certified Material organization and are a supplier of CANDU parts like fuel channel components, feeder components, and reactivity control components. Its mission is to provide best-in-class service that is safe, emphasizing quality and customer satisfaction. Their mission was a success, as they have since been acquired by BWX Technologies Inc., a large, 150-year-old US-based nuclear power and operations company serving the US government. You can find them at one of their southern Ontario machine shops or their Oakville headquarters. The Challenge

Today Laker Energy has a very large machine shop, but that wasn’t always the case. When they were starting in the 2000s their machine shop was much smaller and tightly packed. Because everything was so close together, even a small oil mist problem is going to feel big! Laker was running many cycles in their shop and had begun to observe ambient mist conditions over the day. Oil mist can become an issue for anyone, including Laker – if you are using higher tool speeds, applying fluid to cutting edges, and/or have higher workplace temperatures. Laker prioritized safety and quality and understood that issues with oil mist could include acute/chronic health issues, visibility, slippery floors and equipment, maintenance, work stoppages, and environmental pollutants.

The Solution

After identifying the oil mist issue, Laker Energy came to Aeroex for a reliable mist collector solution that would fit into their existing shop configuration. Laker Energy received one of Aeroex’s earlier models based on the design of the day in 2007. Key issues for Laker Energy in selecting an oil mist collector manufacturer were: 

  • A modular design that could fit into their “smaller” shop;
  • High quality to align with their customer needs in the nuclear industry, and; 
  • Reliable performance with minimal disruptions to their busy and growing business. 

Aeroex oil mist collectors use industrial air purification systems based on the science of how mist, vapors, smoke, and fumes behave when released, so Laker Energy was confident that the oil mist issue would be dealt with. However, they also needed a solution that addressed their key issues (above). The Aeroex oil mist collectors achieved this by:

  • Size Having flexible unit sizes and mounting options that can fit into any shop or machine. The modular design allows it to be a source control measure via mounting that occupies a very low shop footprint if you are short on space. Tubing can be used if desired, but it is generally not required – giving it that clean shop look.
  • Quality Aeroex is a made-in-Canada solution that uses the highest quality parts and manufacturing in the units they produce, a standard that Laker Energy expects from its equipment. Aeroex does not cut corners with cheap parts, and the thoughtful design enforces a quality mindset.
  • Reliability Aeroex uses multistage filtration that extends performance for years to come. Primary and secondary mechanical elements have an “infinite” life with some periodic handwashing, and the depth loading fibre bed is thick and durable enough to go for years without clogging thanks to the staging of primary elements that remove most oil mist.

The Results

Laker Energy knew they had the oil mist collection solution they needed, but the result went beyond their expectations. They now have many Aeroex oil mist collectors, but that first model they purchased back in 2007 is still going in 2021! It has run without disruptions for many machine cycles without major maintenance or filter changes, and it even made the move with them when they upgraded to a larger shop. Hear it first hand from a Senior Manager at Laker Energy, who said during an Aeroex shop visit that: 

  • “We purchased backup filters, and to this day we haven’t had to install them”!
  • “They run all day, every day (three shifts)”.
  • “No problems with clogging”.
  • “We use Aeroex for rough machining, which creates a lot of mist. We’ve tried a couple of other mist collectors in the past, but performance-wise they have longer cycle times than Aeroex.” 

Evident from the case study is that the result was a resounding success. The Laker Energy results demonstrate that Aeroex oil mist collectors truly are an investment that pays for itself, and even in rough machining operations, they outperform the competition with longevity for years to come. When Laker Energy chose their first oil mist collector, they never imagined it would still be running 15 years later to the same standard as when they got it! 

Apply the Case Study to Your Needs

If you are reviewing this case study, you are likely aware of your oil mist collector needs and maybe starting to refine your search to a final model. Aeroex understands that selecting an oil mist collector manufacturer and model can be a difficult process. The industry has its language and performance standards with various companies making claims about what is being provided or omitting key details. The Laker Energy case studies prove the standard Aeroex provides is transparent and lives up to its promise. Aeroex oil mist collectors are an excellent investment with high performance and a better life cycle than other brands, as Laker Energy experienced firsthand. If the Laker Energy experience sounds like something you want for your operation, reach out to our team today to get started

Case Study

Case Study: Benmur Precision Tooling

Oil Mist Collector Helps Waterloo Machine Shop Perform Fly Cutting Machining. When Benmur Precision Tooling stepped up their machining operation to fly cut larger products for a client in the tech sector, oil mist quickly became an issue. They came to this oil mist collector manufacturer for an industry-leading air purification system at an affordable price.

Established in 2008, Benmur Precision Tooling is a specialty machining shop located in Waterloo, Ontario – the “Silicon Valley North” of Canada. Benmur uses 5-axis CBC milling like the Kitamura 4xD to produce components, housings, hardware assemblies, and many other products. They work for clients across southern Ontario in industries like nuclear, automotive, food manufacturing, lasers or optical systems, and digital projection. Notable clients include Nikon, North + Google, and the University of Waterloo. Benmur serves this industry with machining techniques like lathe turning, injection mold making, grinding, polishing, waterjet cutting, anodizing and coating, mig and tig welding, and of course multi-axis machining.

The Challenge

When Benmur Precision Tooling was commissioned by a company in the local tech sector to produce a larger specialized part, they got straight to work with a machining program that required fly cutting. Fly cutting is a machining technique in which a single point cutter is used on a mill, often to produce a surface finish when a face mill can’t get the job done at the right cost or scale. Its larger diameter means that you can get a great finish for your product in a single pass. This was the main driver for Benmur selecting fly cutting as the technique for their client, as the products Benmur had to machine were fairly large. Unfortunately for Benmur due to the scale of the production and the technique involved, the buildup of oil mist as a byproduct of machining became too much. Oil mist built up in the machine and was released into the shop, leading to work disruptions 3 to 4 times a day as staff tried to deal with the oil mist. It became clear that if Benmur wanted to produce large parts requested by its clients, the problem had to be addressed –both for operational efficiency, quality, and health and safety. Benmur did not have an oil mist collector but knew that they could not continue to operate in a shop with machines overrun by oil and coolant mists.

The Solution

When Benmur Precision Tooling needed an oil mist collector, they came to Aeroex as the mist collector manufacturer who could meet their needs with an affordable, made-in-Canada solution that would fit right into their shop. Aeroex examined Benmur’s needs to understand what type of pollutants they were experiencing, what sources of pollutants had to be controlled, the size of the operation, the volume of the building, the types of machines they had, and what ventilation was in place. This was compared against the suite of oil mist collector products Aeroex offers to select the best model with the best value for Benmur. After consultation, Aeroex recommended the Mist-Fit 550 oil mist collector, an option that was compact yet high performing, affordable, and ideal for high-pressure coolant and oil applications.

The Mist-Fit is an Aeroex oil mist collector that eliminates mist, smoke, and fine particles caused by machining. It eliminates oil mist through four consecutive stages of filtration, each providing a layer of operational efficiency. The first two elements eliminate up to 95% of mist by disrupting the flow, quickly causing droplets to condense and drain out of the filter stages back to the sump of your system. With much of the oil mist already eliminated, the third-stage fiber bed can work in optimal conditions to capture small, sub-micron-sized particles (0.3 um) with 95% efficiency. The depth loading fiber bed has a significant thickness, meaning it has a very long useful life and high removal efficiency thanks to the amount of filter media – not to mention lower oil mist concentrations after the first two stages. This is in stark contrast to competitors who often use thin filters without primary filtration, resulting in frequent clogging, maintenance, and filter replacements. If your system is releasing the smallest smoke and fume particles, an optional HEPA filter is staged after the fiber bed to finish the job. To learn more about the design features of the model Benmur selected on Aeroex’s recommendation check out the product page. The information contained within demonstrates the design features of the solution and the efficiency it offers the end-user.  

The Results

After a quick and easy installation (approximately one hour to mount the new unit), Benmur immediately noticed the improved operations of the shop and the virtual elimination of the oil mist that had become a big issue during their previous fly cutting. As time went on, they also discovered the low maintenance and operating costs of the Mist-Fit, one of the key benefits they cited in their debrief with Aeroex about their experience with the Mist-Fit. As shown in the breakdown of the Mist-Fit design (above), the Mist-Fit oil mist collector was specifically designed to deliver on performance without the frequent maintenance commonly associated with other models. The result was Benmur Precision Tooling continuing to operate in their Waterloo shop for their many tech sector clients.

Apply the Case Study to Your Needs

Those interested in the Benmur Precision Tooling case study should know that challenges with oil mist during machining are not unique to them. You may be experiencing newfound challenges for the first time as you branch out into new techniques, products, and service volumes, for example, if you are starting to incorporate high-pressure coolants. Like Benmur Precision Tooling, you will find that there are solutions available to you and experts ready to help you navigate your need for an oil mist collector. If you think this is you and you’re ready to get started, contact Aeroex today.

Case Study

Case Study: Lauer Machine

Coolant Mist Collector Helps Machine Shop Expand Into High-Pressure Coolant Applications. When Lauer Machine added high-pressure coolants for their machining operations, they went to Aeroex to supply an oil mist collector that would keep their staff, equipment, and the environment safe.

Case Study Profile

Started in 1973 as a single-person operation, today Lauer Machine is a modern machine shop providing vertical and horizontal milling, lathing, measurement analysis, cylindrical grinding, and many other techniques using materials like stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and even bronze or titanium. Operating under the motto of “manufacturing beyond expectation”, the work done by Lauer is frequently recognized by their clients like Husking Injection Molding Systems Ltd. You’ll find them at their 10,000 square foot shop in Orangeville, Ontario.

The Challenge

There comes a time when every machining shop begins to implement high-pressure coolants, and a strong performing and growing company like Lauer Machine is no exception. It could be at times like when you landed that important client who orders materials outside your usual selection, such as titanium. Unfortunately, the standard machining approach without high-pressure coolant will typically lead to chip formation. Chip formation is caused by material failures that do not conform with the machine cuts being made, resulting in the accumulation of chips in the workspace. High-pressure coolant addresses the issues of chip formation and size by helping the materials and tools to transmit heat away from the machining zone, reducing chip formation and the wear and tear on your tools.

High-pressure coolant is an excellent technology to utilize and the logical choice for your process. However, it poses safety and operational challenges. Coolant can vaporize under high temperatures, entering your equipment and creating a thin film of oil. When released, oil mist poses both safety and environmental concerns. Like those that came before them and those that will come after, Lauer found that the application of high-pressure coolants warrants an oil mist collector that mitigates the risks.

The Solution

After learning about the challenges with oil mist at Lauer Machine, Aeroex took time to understand Lauer’s operation before recommending the optimal solution with the best value – ultimately landing on the Mist-Fit 550. To learn about the specifics of the model, check out our product pages. For now, understand that air purification is best done in stages and Aeroex has designed a multi-step process of removal with increasing efficiency using materials that limit your maintenance costs, such as the use of thick depth loading fiber beds rather than thin pleated face loading filters that keep you coming back for costly filter replacements. 

Aeroex supports many industrial air purification needs for various substances, but in the case of Lauer Machine, the oil mist from high-pressure coolant was the issue of concern. The Mist-Fit was the best solution for them because it promotes drainage of larger particles before attacking the smaller particles with MERV 15 and HEPA-rated filters. This is because while the majority of oil mist particles range from 1 to 100 microns in size, many are below 1 micron and therefore aren’t addressed by conventional air purification systems. If your application is producing oil smoke, particles as small as 0.3 microns need to be filtered (hence the HEPA filter). However, if you start with a very fine filter it will immediately clog, which is why the progressive design of Mist-Fit maximizes the efficiency of both the oil mist removal process and the need for maintenance with filters that do not clog. Understanding this, Aeroex and Lauer Machine deployed the Mist-Fit 550 (sized according to the cubic feet of air handling needed for Lauer’s machines and shop size) to great success. 

The Results

At the beginning of the case study, Lauer Machine had transitioned to high-pressure coolants and found themselves employing extra safety measures and equipment maintenance to keep up with the oil mist. After installing the Aeroex oil mist collector, Lauer immediately reported the oil mist issue was resolved. Another year of operations later and Lauer said in their own words that:

  • The Mist-Fit was incredibly easy to install.
  • The Mist-Fit had been running continuously for a year with no issues.
  • Aeroex mist collectors are powerful enough to draw air from the surrounding shop, as well as the machine it’s mounted to (when not running).
  • “For any machine with high-pressure coolant or a smoky environment, these are definitely the way to go”!
  • “If you want to keep your employees happy, you need these things”!

To see for yourself, check out the shop visit video hosted by Lauer Machine in Orangeville.

Apply the Case Study to Your Needs

As documented by Production Machining (2004), high-pressure coolants are still a relatively recent industry advent that only became common practice for small to medium-sized shops in the early to mid-2000s. With any new technology, there are always unintended consequences or side effects like oil mist during machining, and the best ways to manage these were subsequently addressed by companies like Aeroex during the increasing awareness of safety and environmental workplace issues. Setting the challenges of new technology aside, for any expanding company it is normal to experience growing pains and one day realize you need an oil mist collector due to high-pressure coolants (as was the case for Lauer Machine, an expert machine shop). Rest assured that Aeroex understands your challenges and is ready to help meet the moment with a made-in-Canada solution – contact us today to get yours!

Case Study

Case Study Profile: Grimsmo Knives

Grimsmo Knives was looking for an air filtration solution that would efficiently filter out the oil and coolant mist from their shop facility. Aeroex Technologies installed 2 Mist-Fit MF-550 mist collector units to vastly improve the air quality and mitigate the negative impacts associated with long-term exposure to oil and coolant mist on shop equipment and personnel. 

Learn More About: Grimsmo Knives

Grimsmo Knives is a Canadian-based knife-making business that specializes in machining premium knives and gear. John Grimsmo started the business in his garage over a decade ago, dedicated to learning how to make knives and sharing his journey to becoming a self-made CNC machinist on Youtube. John’s Youtube videos include everything from knife making, how-to, shop vlogs, manufacturing shows, and more. 

Now with 72.3 thousand Youtube subscribers, John’s knife-making business has grown in staff and product offerings. The Norseman, The Rask, and The Saga Pen are all machined in-house at the Grimsmo Knives facility in Stoney Creek, Ontario. 

The Challenge

Like many shops that house CNC and metalworking equipment, Grimsmo Knives wanted to reduce the risks associated with long-term exposure to oil and coolant mist on shop personnel and equipment. Oil films can form on equipment, increase the risk of slip and fall accidents, and can irritate the skin, eyes, mouth, throat, and lungs of shop personnel. Long-term exposure to oil and coolant mist has been shown to increase the risk of developing skin and respiratory diseases, including cancer.

Midway through the video, we learn that the air quality at Grimsmo Knives feels “swampy” due to the increase in the buildup of oil and coolant mist in the air when machines are in operation. The air quality was tested at the beginning of the workday at 0.8 mg/m3. While this result is below the recommended limit set by OSHA of 5.0 mg/m3, most companies and health and safety committees agree that exposure limits should range from 0.3-0.5 mg/m3 – which puts Grimsmo Knives above the recommended industry range.   

The Solution

A team of engineers and specialists assessed Grimsmo’s Knives facility to find them the best oil and coolant mist collector solution that would vastly reduce exposure to oil and coolant mist, and improve air quality. 

2 Mist-Fit MF-550’s (550 CFM) were installed strategically at Grimsmo Knives shop facility to promote airflow. The Mist-Fit MF-550 uses multi-stage filtration to remove oil and coolant particulates and is capable of moving 1 unit of air every 15 seconds. Stage 1 of the filtration process features a smooth mechanical element engineered to disrupt and remove wash and swarf. Stage 2 utilizes a special wire mesh to encourage the formation of droplets – making it easier to drain. At this point, 95% of the oil mist has been removed. Finally, Stage 3 features a thick fiber bed filter that collects 95% of particles that are between 1 to 3 microns. There is also an optional Stage 4 HEPA filter that can be added to target sub-micron particles – typically used for facilities and shop environments where there is smog prevalent. 

The Results

Once the 2 Mist-Fit units were installed at the Grimsmo Knives facility, the air quality was tested again at 0.010 mg/m3 indicating a large drop in oil and coolant mist in the air when compared to the air quality tested earlier that day. 0.010 mg/m3 is well below OSHA and the majority of health and safety committee standards for oil and coolant mist exposure ranges – therefore mitigating the risks associated with long-term exposure at the Grimsmo Knives shop.  

The Grimsmo Knives is now able to operate in a shop environment with cleaner, safer air for both personnel and equipment. 

Apply the Case Study To Your Needs 

The issue of long-term exposure to oil and coolant mist isn’t just unique to Grimsmo Knives. The increased use of high-pressure coolant systems within the metalworking industry has contributed to the negative effects of long-term exposure of oil and coolant mist on staff and equipment. To ensure the health and safety of your shop personnel, and the working life of your CNC and metalworking equipment, we recommend opting for an industrial mist collector that meets the demands of your everyday operations. 

Luckily, Canadian-based Aeroex Technologies is a dedicated oil mist collector manufacturer that is committed to ensuring that your facility’s air quality is safe for your staff and equipment. Our team of engineers and specialists will assess your shop needs and offer an oil mist collector solution uniquely suited to promote air quality and limit exposure to oil and coolant mist. Get in touch with an Aeroex Technologies representative today to learn more! 

Case Study

Case Study: Ferro Technique

Learn about how one of Canada’s leading importers and distributors of measuring and metalworking equipment have relied on Aeroex Technologies’ industrial mist collectors for over 15 years. 

Hear From Our Customer: Ferro Technique

Ferro Technique is one of Canada’s leading importers and distributors of measuring and CNC metalworking equipment for the metalworking industry. With offices in Mississauga, Windsor, and Montreal and over half a century of experience, Ferro Technique holds a reputation for providing first-class products and excellence in service. 

Client needs are prioritized by all members of the Ferro Technique team – from sales to their in-house engineers – you can rest easy knowing that the product choices you make result in a long-term return on investment. Their high-quality distribution line includes equipment from Doosan Machine Tools, Geminis Maher Holdings, Hartford, Southwestern Industries, and Mitsui Seiki, with product offerings ranging from machining accessories, standalone equipment, and turnkey solutions. 

The Challenge

Ferro Technique prioritizes ensuring high-quality metalworking equipment, accessories, and solutions for their clients in addition to the first-class service. As leading importers and distributors of CNC metalworking equipment and accessories in Canada, oil mist collectors are an in-demand accessory that diminishes the exposure of harmful oil mist particles from high-pressure coolants in many machining and metalworking processes. 

The long-term oil and coolant mist exposure pose a hazard to both shop personnel and equipment. Oil mist collectors are used in tandem with metalworking equipment to reduce exposure of oil and coolant mist and mitigate risks associated with long-term exposure. While many oil mist collectors are available on the market, few are durable, flexible, and capable of filtering oil and coolant mist for lasting, long-term results. 

The Solution

Aeroex Technologies offers a large range of oil mist collectors that are durable, flexible, and capable of filtering through a full spectrum of pollutants of various sizes to ensure long-term results with little maintenance. Our decades of experience in the industry have enabled us to develop an intimate understanding of the impact of oil and coolant mist in industrial processes – as well as other types of pollutants that are prevalent in these processes such as general smoke exhaust. We’ve engineered our oil mist collectors capable of effectively filtering through a large range of pollutants of various sizes to reduce the risks associated with long-term exposure. 

As premier oil mist collector manufacturers, our commitment to ensuring high-quality oil mist collector products and customer service is why we’ve been able to cultivate a professional working relationship with Ferro Technique for 15 years!

The Results

In the 15 years of working with Ferro Technique, we are elated to report that there have not been any issues or complaints from customers with any of our oil mist collector products. 

Aeroex Technologies’ commitment to offering high-quality oil mist collector products also extends to ensuring superior customer service. In the video featured, Brian Donnelly, President of Ferro Technique reflects on a large project where 30 mist collectors were needed on short notice and how the Aeroex team was able to meet client demands promptly. 

When asked what message to send out to other machining shops that might be interested in mist collectors, President Brian Donnely stated “If you’re looking for a mist collector, you’ll ultimately have to look at Aeroex. What you decide is up to you, but you’ll have to consider Aeroex”.

Apply the Case Study To Your Needs 

Risks associated with long-term exposure to oil and coolant mist are common in the metalworking industry. Many metalworking applications and processes emit contaminants into the air that create hazards for your shop personnel and equipment. 

As leading distributors of metalworking equipment, with a reputation built on high-quality products and excellence in customer service – Ferro Technique relies on Aeroex Technologies to provide long-lasting oil and coolant mist collector solutions for their clientele. 

If you require an oil mist collector for your shop or facility, consider Canada-based Aeroex Technologies’ Mist-Fit Series of oil mist collectors to meet your daily operational needs. Durable, compact, and affordable – the Mist-Fit Series oil mist collectors utilize multi-stage separation technology to filter through contaminants of varying sizes, mediums, and concentrations. 

Moreover, our team of industry professionals is here to understand your unique needs and find a Mist-Fit product that will effectively keep your metalworking facility safe and clean. Protect your personnel and equipment from oil and coolant mist exposure by getting in touch with an Aeroex Technologies representative today!