Case Study

Coolant Mist Collector Helps Machine Shop Expand Into High-Pressure Coolant Applications. When Lauer Machine added high-pressure coolants for their machining operations, they went to Aeroex to supply an oil mist collector that would keep their staff, equipment, and the environment safe.

Case Study Profile

Started in 1973 as a single-person operation, today Lauer Machine is a modern machine shop providing vertical and horizontal milling, lathing, measurement analysis, cylindrical grinding, and many other techniques using materials like stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and even bronze or titanium. Operating under the motto of “manufacturing beyond expectation”, the work done by Lauer is frequently recognized by their clients like Husking Injection Molding Systems Ltd. You’ll find them at their 10,000 square foot shop in Orangeville, Ontario.

The Challenge

There comes a time when every machining shop begins to implement high-pressure coolants, and a strong performing and growing company like Lauer Machine is no exception. It could be at times like when you landed that important client who orders materials outside your usual selection, such as titanium. Unfortunately, the standard machining approach without high-pressure coolant will typically lead to chip formation. Chip formation is caused by material failures that do not conform with the machine cuts being made, resulting in the accumulation of chips in the workspace. High-pressure coolant addresses the issues of chip formation and size by helping the materials and tools to transmit heat away from the machining zone, reducing chip formation and the wear and tear on your tools.

High-pressure coolant is an excellent technology to utilize and the logical choice for your process. However, it poses safety and operational challenges. Coolant can vaporize under high temperatures, entering your equipment and creating a thin film of oil. When released, oil mist poses both safety and environmental concerns. Like those that came before them and those that will come after, Lauer found that the application of high-pressure coolants warrants an oil mist collector that mitigates the risks.

The Solution

After learning about the challenges with oil mist at Lauer Machine, Aeroex took time to understand Lauer’s operation before recommending the optimal solution with the best value – ultimately landing on the Mist-Fit 550. To learn about the specifics of the model, check out our product pages. For now, understand that air purification is best done in stages and Aeroex has designed a multi-step process of removal with increasing efficiency using materials that limit your maintenance costs, such as the use of thick depth loading fiber beds rather than thin pleated face loading filters that keep you coming back for costly filter replacements. 

Aeroex supports many industrial air purification needs for various substances, but in the case of Lauer Machine, the oil mist from high-pressure coolant was the issue of concern. The Mist-Fit was the best solution for them because it promotes drainage of larger particles before attacking the smaller particles with MERV 15 and HEPA-rated filters. This is because while the majority of oil mist particles range from 1 to 100 microns in size, many are below 1 micron and therefore aren’t addressed by conventional air purification systems. If your application is producing oil smoke, particles as small as 0.3 microns need to be filtered (hence the HEPA filter). However, if you start with a very fine filter it will immediately clog, which is why the progressive design of Mist-Fit maximizes the efficiency of both the oil mist removal process and the need for maintenance with filters that do not clog. Understanding this, Aeroex and Lauer Machine deployed the Mist-Fit 550 (sized according to the cubic feet of air handling needed for Lauer’s machines and shop size) to great success. 

The Results

At the beginning of the case study, Lauer Machine had transitioned to high-pressure coolants and found themselves employing extra safety measures and equipment maintenance to keep up with the oil mist. After installing the Aeroex oil mist collector, Lauer immediately reported the oil mist issue was resolved. Another year of operations later and Lauer said in their own words that:

  • The Mist-Fit was incredibly easy to install.
  • The Mist-Fit had been running continuously for a year with no issues.
  • Aeroex mist collectors are powerful enough to draw air from the surrounding shop, as well as the machine it’s mounted to (when not running).
  • “For any machine with high-pressure coolant or a smoky environment, these are definitely the way to go”!
  • “If you want to keep your employees happy, you need these things”!

To see for yourself, check out the shop visit video hosted by Lauer Machine in Orangeville.

Apply the Case Study to Your Needs

As documented by Production Machining (2004), high-pressure coolants are still a relatively recent industry advent that only became common practice for small to medium-sized shops in the early to mid-2000s. With any new technology, there are always unintended consequences or side effects like oil mist during machining, and the best ways to manage these were subsequently addressed by companies like Aeroex during the increasing awareness of safety and environmental workplace issues. Setting the challenges of new technology aside, for any expanding company it is normal to experience growing pains and one day realize you need an oil mist collector due to high-pressure coolants (as was the case for Lauer Machine, an expert machine shop). Rest assured that Aeroex understands your challenges and is ready to help meet the moment with a made-in-Canada solution – contact us today to get yours!