Case Study

Grimsmo Knives was looking for an air filtration solution that would efficiently filter out the oil and coolant mist from their shop facility. Aeroex Technologies installed 2 Mist-Fit MF-550 mist collector units to vastly improve the air quality and mitigate the negative impacts associated with long-term exposure to oil and coolant mist on shop equipment and personnel. 

Learn More About: Grimsmo Knives

Grimsmo Knives is a Canadian-based knife-making business that specializes in machining premium knives and gear. John Grimsmo started the business in his garage over a decade ago, dedicated to learning how to make knives and sharing his journey to becoming a self-made CNC machinist on Youtube. John’s Youtube videos include everything from knife making, how-to, shop vlogs, manufacturing shows, and more. 

Now with 72.3 thousand Youtube subscribers, John’s knife-making business has grown in staff and product offerings. The Norseman, The Rask, and The Saga Pen are all machined in-house at the Grimsmo Knives facility in Stoney Creek, Ontario. 

The Challenge

Like many shops that house CNC and metalworking equipment, Grimsmo Knives wanted to reduce the risks associated with long-term exposure to oil and coolant mist on shop personnel and equipment. Oil films can form on equipment, increase the risk of slip and fall accidents, and can irritate the skin, eyes, mouth, throat, and lungs of shop personnel. Long-term exposure to oil and coolant mist has been shown to increase the risk of developing skin and respiratory diseases, including cancer.

Midway through the video, we learn that the air quality at Grimsmo Knives feels “swampy” due to the increase in the buildup of oil and coolant mist in the air when machines are in operation. The air quality was tested at the beginning of the workday at 0.8 mg/m3. While this result is below the recommended limit set by OSHA of 5.0 mg/m3, most companies and health and safety committees agree that exposure limits should range from 0.3-0.5 mg/m3 – which puts Grimsmo Knives above the recommended industry range.   

The Solution

A team of engineers and specialists assessed Grimsmo’s Knives facility to find them the best oil and coolant mist collector solution that would vastly reduce exposure to oil and coolant mist, and improve air quality. 

2 Mist-Fit MF-550’s (550 CFM) were installed strategically at Grimsmo Knives shop facility to promote airflow. The Mist-Fit MF-550 uses multi-stage filtration to remove oil and coolant particulates and is capable of moving 1 unit of air every 15 seconds. Stage 1 of the filtration process features a smooth mechanical element engineered to disrupt and remove wash and swarf. Stage 2 utilizes a special wire mesh to encourage the formation of droplets – making it easier to drain. At this point, 95% of the oil mist has been removed. Finally, Stage 3 features a thick fiber bed filter that collects 95% of particles that are between 1 to 3 microns. There is also an optional Stage 4 HEPA filter that can be added to target sub-micron particles – typically used for facilities and shop environments where there is smog prevalent. 

The Results

Once the 2 Mist-Fit units were installed at the Grimsmo Knives facility, the air quality was tested again at 0.010 mg/m3 indicating a large drop in oil and coolant mist in the air when compared to the air quality tested earlier that day. 0.010 mg/m3 is well below OSHA and the majority of health and safety committee standards for oil and coolant mist exposure ranges – therefore mitigating the risks associated with long-term exposure at the Grimsmo Knives shop.  

The Grimsmo Knives is now able to operate in a shop environment with cleaner, safer air for both personnel and equipment. 

Apply the Case Study To Your Needs 

The issue of long-term exposure to oil and coolant mist isn’t just unique to Grimsmo Knives. The increased use of high-pressure coolant systems within the metalworking industry has contributed to the negative effects of long-term exposure of oil and coolant mist on staff and equipment. To ensure the health and safety of your shop personnel, and the working life of your CNC and metalworking equipment, we recommend opting for an industrial mist collector that meets the demands of your everyday operations. 

Luckily, Canadian-based Aeroex Technologies is a dedicated oil mist collector manufacturer that is committed to ensuring that your facility’s air quality is safe for your staff and equipment. Our team of engineers and specialists will assess your shop needs and offer an oil mist collector solution uniquely suited to promote air quality and limit exposure to oil and coolant mist. Get in touch with an Aeroex Technologies representative today to learn more!