Case Study

Learn about how one of Canada’s leading importers and distributors of measuring and metalworking equipment have relied on Aeroex Technologies’ industrial mist collectors for over 15 years. 

Hear From Our Customer: Ferro Technique

Ferro Technique is one of Canada’s leading importers and distributors of measuring and CNC metalworking equipment for the metalworking industry. With offices in Mississauga, Windsor, and Montreal and over half a century of experience, Ferro Technique holds a reputation for providing first-class products and excellence in service. 

Client needs are prioritized by all members of the Ferro Technique team – from sales to their in-house engineers – you can rest easy knowing that the product choices you make result in a long-term return on investment. Their high-quality distribution line includes equipment from Doosan Machine Tools, Geminis Maher Holdings, Hartford, Southwestern Industries, and Mitsui Seiki, with product offerings ranging from machining accessories, standalone equipment, and turnkey solutions. 

The Challenge

Ferro Technique prioritizes ensuring high-quality metalworking equipment, accessories, and solutions for their clients in addition to the first-class service. As leading importers and distributors of CNC metalworking equipment and accessories in Canada, oil mist collectors are an in-demand accessory that diminishes the exposure of harmful oil mist particles from high-pressure coolants in many machining and metalworking processes. 

The long-term oil and coolant mist exposure pose a hazard to both shop personnel and equipment. Oil mist collectors are used in tandem with metalworking equipment to reduce exposure of oil and coolant mist and mitigate risks associated with long-term exposure. While many oil mist collectors are available on the market, few are durable, flexible, and capable of filtering oil and coolant mist for lasting, long-term results. 

The Solution

Aeroex Technologies offers a large range of oil mist collectors that are durable, flexible, and capable of filtering through a full spectrum of pollutants of various sizes to ensure long-term results with little maintenance. Our decades of experience in the industry have enabled us to develop an intimate understanding of the impact of oil and coolant mist in industrial processes – as well as other types of pollutants that are prevalent in these processes such as general smoke exhaust. We’ve engineered our oil mist collectors capable of effectively filtering through a large range of pollutants of various sizes to reduce the risks associated with long-term exposure. 

As premier oil mist collector manufacturers, our commitment to ensuring high-quality oil mist collector products and customer service is why we’ve been able to cultivate a professional working relationship with Ferro Technique for 15 years!

The Results

In the 15 years of working with Ferro Technique, we are elated to report that there have not been any issues or complaints from customers with any of our oil mist collector products. 

Aeroex Technologies’ commitment to offering high-quality oil mist collector products also extends to ensuring superior customer service. In the video featured, Brian Donnelly, President of Ferro Technique reflects on a large project where 30 mist collectors were needed on short notice and how the Aeroex team was able to meet client demands promptly. 

When asked what message to send out to other machining shops that might be interested in mist collectors, President Brian Donnely stated “If you’re looking for a mist collector, you’ll ultimately have to look at Aeroex. What you decide is up to you, but you’ll have to consider Aeroex”.

Apply the Case Study To Your Needs 

Risks associated with long-term exposure to oil and coolant mist are common in the metalworking industry. Many metalworking applications and processes emit contaminants into the air that create hazards for your shop personnel and equipment. 

As leading distributors of metalworking equipment, with a reputation built on high-quality products and excellence in customer service – Ferro Technique relies on Aeroex Technologies to provide long-lasting oil and coolant mist collector solutions for their clientele. 

If you require an oil mist collector for your shop or facility, consider Canada-based Aeroex Technologies’ Mist-Fit Series of oil mist collectors to meet your daily operational needs. Durable, compact, and affordable – the Mist-Fit Series oil mist collectors utilize multi-stage separation technology to filter through contaminants of varying sizes, mediums, and concentrations. 

Moreover, our team of industry professionals is here to understand your unique needs and find a Mist-Fit product that will effectively keep your metalworking facility safe and clean. Protect your personnel and equipment from oil and coolant mist exposure by getting in touch with an Aeroex Technologies representative today!