Mist Collectors

In industries where large open machines are a norm, the challenges in mist control go far beyond conventional solutions. These environments require a mist collection system that can handle significant volumes of mist and offer adaptability to diverse configurations. This is precisely where the ARO-2500 shines, providing a robust and versatile solution. 

In this case study, we’ll look at the complexity of mist collection for large open machines and how Aeroex Technologies tackled effective mist collection for two Okuma double column machining centers at the Wisconsin-based manufacturing facility, Innio Waukesha. 


The Complexity of Mist Collection for Large Open Machines

Mist collection for large open machines presents a multifaceted challenge due to various factors. First and foremost the sheer volume of mist generated by large open machines, especially during continuous, heavy-duty tasks, significantly complicates the collection process. The high output and persistence of mist production require specialized equipment to handle effectively.

The complex dispersion patterns of mist in large open machines also add to the difficulty. The unpredictability of the spread, combined with multi-directional flow, can make standard collection methods inadequate. The vast spaces these machines occupy, and the variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations further exacerbate the challenge. Standard mist collectors often fall short, and custom-engineered solutions become necessary to provide sufficient suction and positioning.

Integration challenges also arise when attempting mist collection in large open spaces. Finding the optimal placement without interfering with machine operation requires careful planning and design. Environmental factors, such as existing air currents, ventilation systems, temperature, and humidity fluctuations, can further complicate the mist’s behavior.

Compliance with various environmental and safety regulations may also impose additional constraints, depending on the substances involved in mist production. Cost considerations add another layer of complexity. Creating custom solutions for each large open machine represents a significant investment, and the potential for high energy consumption in large-scale mist collection can lead to increased operational costs if not managed efficiently.


Crafting a Custom Engineered Solution for Innio Waukesha

Two Okuma double column machining centers are situated at Wisconsin based, Innio Waukesha, presenting a unique challenge that Aeroex Technologies was ready to take on with the ARO-2500. Mist particles released from these machining centers are particularly challenging to capture due to their complex dispersion patterns and sheer volume. 

The solution to the challenge of mist collection for large open Okuma machines lay in innovative engineering and design, a challenge that Aeroex Technologies was ready to face head-on. Their engineering team set out to create custom-made hoods as well as flexible custom hoses tailored to conform to the specific shape and size of Okuma machines. By doing so, they ensured that no mist escaped, capturing it effectively both ambiently and at the source.

The design process also allowed for strategic positioning of the ARO 2500 mist collectors, a critical element in maximizing their effectiveness. By considering the unique layout and needs of each machine, Aeroex’s team was able to optimize the placement of mist collectors, capturing and containing the mist in the most efficient manner possible.

But the difficulty in this task was not just the volume of mist or the complexity of the Okuma machines themselves. A thorough understanding of Okuma’s unique design was necessary, allowing the team to engineer the most efficient hoods and positioning for the mist collectors. This required an in-depth analysis, delving into the intricacies of these machines, and understanding how mist behaves within the specific context of Okuma’s design.

The design process was also iterative and collaborative. Aeroex’s engineers worked closely with one another and their clients, refining the design over time, ensuring the best possible fit for the Okuma machines. This iterative process was crucial in adapting the solution to the complex challenge presented by these large open machines.

Finally, the on-site installation process itself was a significant hurdle, handled with precision by Aeroex’s engineering team. The seamless integration of the ARO 2500 with the custom-made hoods and Okuma machines required what can only be described as “installation magic.” It’s this blend of innovation, collaboration, and execution that allowed Aeroex Technologies to overcome the complex challenge of mist collection for Okuma machines, providing a tailored solution that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness.


This case study of Aeroex Technologies’ custom-engineered mist collection for Innio Waukesha’s Okuma machines highlights the complexity of large open machine environments and the innovative solutions required to address them. With the ARO-2500, Aeroex’s team skillfully crafted custom-made hoods and optimized the positioning of mist collectors, utilizing a combination of in-depth analysis, iterative design, and “installation magic.” 

This blend of creativity, collaboration, and technical expertise transformed a multifaceted challenge into an efficient solution that transcended conventional methods. The success story at Innio Waukesha’s Wisconsin facility is a testament to Aeroex Technologies’ commitment to providing adaptable and forward-thinking solutions for unique industrial challenges.