Special Applications for Industrial Air Purification

If you are learning about Aeroex, you may be wondering if Aeroex only provides air purification for industries like machining and if your specific needs can be met. The answer is yes! As shown in this application overview, Aeroex is at the forefront of special cases and emerging trends related to air purification and can provide or custom configure a solution to meet your needs. Aeroex does this by maintaining a foundation of the fundamentals for air purification, along with a customer service approach that takes the time to learn about your industry, facility, and challenges. If you have a new challenge, we want to be partners in finding a solution we can learn about rather than burdening you with the configuration or deployment. We commit to being thoughtful and providing you with the right solution, as we have for many industries like laser etching, 3D printing, cold heading, stamping, heat treating, and many others. 


About Aeroex Industrial Purification Solutions

Below, we outline a few of the novel ways Aeroex is providing industrial air purification, fume extraction, mist collection, etc. for a variety of industries. Each case has many unique aspects, but core to all Aeroex solutions is a few key features:

  • Made In Canada – Located in Barrie Ontario, Aeroex provides designed and made in Canada products. This sourcing is part of our commitment to the local industries we work with and high-quality products that lower your lifecycle costs
  • Multi-stage filtration – we use primary and secondary filters to remove nuisance materials in the air like dust or VOCs that obstruct the filtration of the smallest particles causing you problems. This approach ensures that each filter works at optimal removal efficiency and you are not maintaining the more valuable tertiary filters constantly.
  • Source and ambient control options – wherever possible, we recommend the use of source control methods that eliminate pollutants before they are introduced into the ambient environment as the removal is much more efficient, however, this is not always feasible. Each air purification system we deploy has a variety of models to choose from to help meet your situation.
  • Customization – we do not take a one size fits all approach, something even more important for special applications like those discussed on this page. There are many sizes, mounting options, and accessories to meet the needs of your shop. Our products are small and modular enough to fit into any facility. 
  • Expert knowledge – we are not a supplier for another company’s product who is not accountable for its design or implementation. Our in-house engineers have in-depth knowledge of the air purification system we design and build ourselves, and how they are configured/deployed. These engineers are committed to delivering value and transparency for you.

Examples of some of the industries Aeroex can design air purification solutions for include those shown below. Other applications we have yet to discuss include wet scrubber exhaust, stamping, mobile applications, and heat treating. Don’t see yours on the list? Contact Aeroex and we can get started on a solution for you if we don’t already have one.


3D Printing Fumes

3D printing creates several air purification challenges due to the variety of materials like thermoplastics, resin, wood, metal, etc. that can be used in 3D printing, and the desire to maximize production with long run times. Aeroex spent time researching and understanding the 3D printing industry before recommending source control methods with HEPA filters that would capture harmful pollutants like styrene. Aeroex had a similar experience in comparable industries like laser etching.


Cold Heading

Cold heading uses high-speed production speed for processes like fabricating metal wire without the use of heat. It can often be used to develop a part by running it through dyes before using machining to apply any finishes. Despite the advantages of the techniques, the lubricants used at high speeds can generate their heat (and therefore smoke). Conventional filters have struggled to capture the smallest oil particles mixed in with smoke, a challenge alleviated by products designed by Aeroex like the Mist Fit. Check out Aeroex’s discussion of cold heading to see how we evolved with the industry over 15 years.


Plastic Welding

Plastic can be melted with tools like hot air guns to fuse compatible parts, leading to joins without the need for fasteners and other components. Materials like ABS and PVC are prevalent but have health risks when welded like smoke, soot, chlorine, and styrene. Additional challenges include the waxy residues that accumulate on filters and cause clogging. Aeroex used industrial air purifiers with primary mechanical filters that are easily washed when wax accumulates, ensuring it did not plug up the final filters needed to capture smoke.



Jagged saw teeth in woodshops lead to sawdust and other particle releases, the smallest of which are not captured by conventional primary filters in woodshops yet cause harmful respiratory risks when left as ambient particles in your shop. Sawdust is also a fire hazard and a quality impingement. Particles are often suspended for hours after cutting takes place and fume hoods are turned off. Aeroex has used mounted units that capture the smallest wood particles at the source or as part of your ventilation system.



Grinding is a special machining technique for making parts with techniques like centerless grinding that have many special air quality issues. In some cases, an open-air operation is needed that makes source control during grinding imperative. In special cases like a recent Aeroex biomedical industry client, small enclosures with high-pressure oil mean fast oil mist collection is needed. Other examples of special applications for grinders that Aeroex has developed include a client in the aerospace parts manufacturing industry. 


Combustion Engines

Combustion engines produce a range of air quality pollutants varying in toxicity depending on the combustion efficiency and the fuel type (e.g. diesel). Combustion engines are one of the most common applications for activated carbon filters like those in some Aeroex models, which are used to capture the volatile organic compounds released by combustion engines. Combustion engines are a great opportunity to implement a source control method because of the exhaust pipes, and we have fittings to accommodate any size or location of exhaust. 


Endless Possibilities for Special Applications in Industrial Air Purification

The examples of special applications listed above may not capture your exact circumstance but are meant to show how Aeroex adapts to your air purification needs after understanding your situation and the underlying science. We look forward to learning about your special application and how we can help.


Why Choose Aeroex

  • Manufactured in Canada with high-quality materials and workmanship.
  • In house engineers will tailor a solution for your specific needs.
  • Custom accessories which provide a wide range of mounting and filtration options.
  • Highly efficient machines with long filter life, and minimal maintenance required.

Made in Canada

All of our products are proudly assembled in house at our facility in Barrie, Ontario.

Long Filter Life

Our Machines require minimal maintenance, and that includes filter replacements.