Engineered aerosol collectors equipped with certified medical grade HEPA filters for dental, medical and long term care facilities.

Aeroex Technologies is here to provide air purification solutions for medical professionals.

Our equipment is capable of creating a clean room environment with positive or negative air pressure

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How do Aeroex IRIS HEPA filters compare to N95 hospital masks?

COVID19 has quickly educated people about air quality and respiratory health. Every day there are reports of protective equipment shortages across North America and the increase in COVID19 infections as a result. It is important to understand how HEPA filtration compares to N95 masks. Aeroex IRIS HEPA filters have a rating of 99.97% This category is 2 tiers higher than the N95 Masks our medical professionals are using.

 N (95, 99, and 100) refers to filter to minimum percentage of airborne particles filtered out by the mask:

95 – filters at least 95% of particles
99 – filters at least 99% of particles
100 – filters at least 99.97% of particles


When should a HEPA air purification system be implemented?

HEPA air purification is recommended in public areas with high traffic and medical facilities such as: waiting rooms, medical offices, assessment rooms and long-term care facilities. These areas are potential infection zones for airborne viruses. Implementing HEPA air purification in these areas can help minimize the concentration of any infectious viruses within the specific zone.


How many air changes does the Aeroex IRIS air purification unit provide?

Info in chart below using an average medical assessment room of 100 sq ft with 10 foot ceiling

Model name
IRIS-400IRIS-600 IRIS-1100
Air Exchanges
Minutes required for removal 99% efficiency
12 Minutes 8 Minutes 4 Minutes
Minutes required for removal 99.9% efficiency efficiency
17 Minutes11 Minutes 6 Minutes


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Aeroex Iris Units

What is negative room pressure?

Negative room pressure is an isolation technique used in hospitals and medical centers to prevent cross-contamination from room to room.[1][2] It includes a ventilation that generates “negative pressure” (pressure lower than of the surroundings) to allow air to flow into the isolation room but not escape from the room, as air will naturally flow from areas with higher pressure to areas with lower pressure, thereby preventing contaminated air from escaping the room. This technique is used to isolate patients with airborne contagious diseases such as: tuberculosismeasleschickenpoxSevere Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV), influenza (flu), and Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Are negative pressure isolation rooms necessary in a medical office?

Negative pressure rooms should be used when treating a patient who is diagnosed with an airborne contagious disease such as COVID19