Aeroex IRIS

Multi-Stage Air Purification Systems

Certified Medical Grade 99.97% HEPA Filter


When should a HEPA air purification system be implemented?

HEPA air purification is recommended in public areas with high traffic and medical facilities such as: waiting rooms, medical offices, assessment rooms and long-term care facilities. These areas are potential infection zones for airborne viruses. Implementing HEPA air purification in these areas can help minimize the concentration of any infectious viruses within the specific zone.

How many air changes does the Aeroex IRIS air purification unit provide?

Info in chart below using an average medical assessment room of 100 sq ft with 10 foot ceiling

Model name
IRIS-400IRIS-600 IRIS-1100
Air Exchanges
Minutes required for removal 99% efficiency
12 Minutes 8 Minutes 4 Minutes
Minutes required for removal 99.9% efficiency
17 Minutes11 Minutes 6 Minutes

Aeroex Iris Series

*IRIS air filtration systems are designed as a additional control method to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. The use of AEROEX air purifiers should not replace any local, state, federal government or CDC recommendations to social distance, hand hygiene, cleaning surfaces and ventilating with clean air. AEROEX does not guarantee complete elimination of the COVID-19 virus.