AEROEX is a manufacturer of oil mist collectors.

The company mission is to offer leading edge technology for emission control to the metalworking industry, as well, to other industries and applications that generate fugitive mists.  

AEROEX mist eliminators are designed to overcome many of the short falls of other technologies and designs.  We have developed unique high efficiency separation elements with life cycles of over 10 years.

  • Separate majority of fluid without filters
  • Quickly drain fluid to reduce evaporation & odors
  • Remove mist, smoke and bacteria
  • Cleaned air must approach zero emissions, < 0.020 mg/m3
  • Low maintenance
  • Low life cycle cost 

AEROEX....a premium product at competitive prices.

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Find out more how Aeroex and their representatives can offer the best solution for your mist collection.

To clarify, there are many names used for oil mist eliminators, these are just a few:
oil mist collectors, oil mist separators, oil mist filters, oil mist extractors, demisters, mist eliminator filter, demisting filter.










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